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We are Here to Support Your Home, Business & Office Premises Security.

With over 22 years in security industry, working in Military and with foreign governments; five star hotels and resort, Corporate and Retail bank security, we provide independent security consultancy to clients for new and existing projects.

We assess risk and provide a “layered” security system that addresses the risks identified. The risk assessment is completed by competent security experts.

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  • Protection of your staff or your family from harm.
  • Prevent loss or third party theft of moveable assets.
  • Prevent intentional damage to premises or moveable assets.
  • Prevent Unauthorized access into your premises.

Our Products

Whether you are thinking about moving into new premises, upgrade existing premises, your home security or you need to secure business documents, personal data , movement of assets; Smart & Secure have the solutions for you.

A Smart & Secure representative can meet with you to discuss your requirements on your premises.

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